Google Earth Engine adds a series of satellite images through time almost 30 years

Google has added a new map set to Google Earth Engine project to show satellite images of some areas to compare various time intervals by using satellite images from NASA‘s collection since 1984.

The images from Landsat satellites at almost 30 years of work experience, which is a collection of photos on areas around the world, and has combined the data size up to 900TB.

Google uses data from photos by selecting only the details are clear, with sufficient brightness of the sun, and no clouds obscured the view, then bring those pictures assembled in the same way as Google Earth. The exclusivity of this work is the image that was used for each point on the map resulting from the photos taken each year from 1984 to 2012 to show continuity in time lapse to illustrate the transformation of area in the photos over a period of almost 30 years.