Turn your iPhone into an electronic key

Kevo is a digital device on a door of the house that are manufactured by Kwilset company, working with an application on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S via Bluetooth transmissions. Kevo will have a sensor that can capture the touch of your fingertips. The work begins with the setting of Kevo apps on your iPhone to determine if you are living in the house. When you open or lock the door, just use your finger to tap Kevo device and then Kevo will transmit Bluetooth to connect to the iPhone by you do not pick it out of pocket in any way. Only this, you can open or lock the door now. In addition, you can also be given to people in the same house as you can open the door or lock doors by setting a password for those who use the iPhone can access or lock the door just like you.

Kevo device has LED lights display two colors. Blue mean locking, green means unlocked. It is powered by AA batteries, which last for about one year. The device may be released during the month of June. Retail priced at $250.