Start button on Windows 8.1 will return

Start button on Windows 8.1 certainly come back. Though there are data and Demo of Windows 8.1 came out to see each other periodically, including news of Start button that is demanded by Windows use to get it back in this new operating system upgrade. The attitude of Microsoft seems to conform to what users want, combined with the latest leak picture that seems to be confirmed at a certain extent that Start button to return implicitly.

Supersite for Windows website presents screenshots of the latest Windows 8.1 on the desktop screen with Start button appear again in the logo of Windows like Start Charm button at the bottom left of screen. Attractive feature of Windows 8.1 is to boot into the desktop instantly without pass Start Screen or Modern UI in Windows 8. Users can use the same wallpaper of desktop with Start Screen. The Start button will not appear in a constant tab as in Windows 7, but to run Start button, users simply move the cursor to the bottom left corner then Start button will move up to run Start Screen or Modern UI as well as all apps directly.

The information likely allows computer users on Windows 8 feel good for the operating system, as well as likely encourage those who are using Windows 7 or Windows XP alert with the new things which give you the speed and ease of use.

Microsoft has hinted for the official launch of Windows 8.1 that it will happen in Build developer conference in San Francisco, USA.